Why Soft Washing is Necessary to Reduce the Risk of Damaging Exteriors

Many of our clients understand that roof maintenance is a must for their home or office, which is why they call us. But when it comes to roof washing, there is a right way and a wrong way. And if you aren’t an industry professional, pressure washing a shingle roof can end up doing more harm than good. When it comes to roof washing, it is always better to use a roof soft washing method to ensure that you are effectively removing things like algae, dirt, and debris build-up – and that you are doing so safely to reduce the risk of damage.

What is the Difference Between Soft and Pressure Washing?

Although people outside of our industry often use “pressure,” “power,” and “soft washing” interchangeably, they’re actually different things. Pressure washing uses high-pressure water to remove dirt and debris from hard and non-porous exterior surfaces. Due to the pressure, however, it is not an appropriate method to safely clean everything. Pressure washing is good for things like concrete and asphalt, but it can be too much for things like roofing and painted exterior surfaces.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is similar to pressure and power washing, but it is a gentler method best used on porous and fragile surfaces like roofing materials. If you use higher-pressure washing on shingles, it can inadvertently lead to damage. Sometimes the pressure can cause moisture to get under your shingles, which can cause water damage. And over time, pressure washing can start to break down the granules of your shingle roofing, which makes it likely that you will either need to repair certain areas or replace the roof altogether.

Why You Should Always Use Soft Washing for Roofs

Although there are some companies that use pressure washing for roofs, we just don’t. We have the industry knowledge and experience to know when to err on the side of caution to get everything around your home or office clean, and can ensure that we do so safely.

Our soft washing technique uses a gentler water spray combined with industry-approved solvents to ensure that we remove dirt, debris, algae, and grime that can reduce the life cycle of your roofing material. We always use the least invasive method possible to ensure that you get the best results, without the risk of causing damage that might not surface until after the job is done.

At Power Wash Specialists, we have the industry knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and experience necessary to effectively target all of your exterior areas to make your home or office shine like new. We do so with the highest quality, most care, and desire to ensure that our customers are satisfied 100% of the time. A roof soft washing method is the only way to keep your roof safe and well-maintained for the long term. Contact us today to schedule your next roof soft washing appointment.

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